Help Making YOUR First Sale Online!

Help making YOUR first sale online

Why are so many people still struggling to make even one sale online?

Here are some of the things that were holding me back for a long time:

1)      I didn’t have my own product

2)      I didn’t have a website

3)      Wasn’t sure what would REALLY work I bought and sort of tried many courses and products  but could never seem to get all the way through them to the part where it actually worked and started making money)

4)      No list

5)      I struggled with technology. Every time I got started something technical blocked me and I had nowhere to turn for the answers

6)      Resources: Time and money were always in short supply.

So what’s the secret to making money online?

  • Copy someone who is having the success you are yearning for
  • Marketing is key so be sure to follow simple step by step instructions for the most effective and efficient marketing possible
  • Follow through and stick with your plan and you will reach your goals
  • Focus. Don’t get distracted with each shiny new object that comes along

“Determination over Distraction” wins every time!

You don’t have to get it “perfect” you just have to get it “going”!

I now know how to build a website and a list and how to install a blog, create a “squeeze page” and I have a business that is consistently bringing in passive income for the long haul.

BUT, I really wanted to find a way for anyone, even those that have no list, no site and no product, to make a sale quickly. Once you start making some money you can build the rest a little at a time. And you will also have some funds to help buy the best tools to take your business to the next level.

Well, I stumbled onto something recently that really peaked my interest. This young man (I’m assuming he’s young by his voice) has produced some excellent instructional videos that are short, to the point, no fluff and easy to understand and implement. I was extremely impressed (which doesn’t happen too often lately). He even offered a guarantee that he would put $100 in my paypal account if I didn’t make my first sale within 10 days. So, how could I go wrong?

He doesn’t recommend buying his video course if you already have a site and a list and traffic. He also recommends that if you have other products that you purchased but haven’t used yet that you go back and put them to use and not buy this now. Alex ONLY recommends buying it if you are going to take ACTION and do what he teaches. I must recommend that as well.

Even though I already had a site, list, etc. I didn’t listen because I wanted to see if it was something that the folks on my list could benefit from before I told them.

Of course I couldn’t recommend it without testing it first so I followed his videos and I pretended I didn’t have a list, website or blog. Before I even finished doing everything I made my first sale in two days!!!

This is worth passing on to everyone! Just what I was looking for, an EASY and FAST way for anyone to get started and see RESULTS Now with the least amount of investment and time!!!

You can use these methods to help promote any products or businesses you already have as well.

Help making YOUR first sale online couldn’t get any easier.

The best part is help is always there. Alex offers support via email and I am available via email and also by phone. You will never get “stuck” without an answer to move you forward.

Alex also goes on to show you how to make $500 in 15 days or less. Excellent videos and they are all included!

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