Most business owners are focused on providing services and/or products. They have a

limited capacity for labor and geographic territory. What they fail to realize is that they

can actually recommend other people’s products to their customers and make a commission

on them!

More importantly, everything can be set up online with automation tools so that they can

be making money while they sleep!

Where do you find such products to recommend?

Here is a list of sites to sign up as an affiliate:

List of Companies with Affiliate Programs

You can sign up for free to each of these sites and do a search on your niche (subject) to find

appropriate products to add to your recommendations. It is always wise to check the products

out prior to recommending them just to be sure they are truly worth recommending.

There are many more places that offer affliate programs too, such as E-bay and even WallMart!

You can do a search using “your niche affiliate program” and find more affiliate programs.

Once you have chosen a few things that fit well with your business you can set up things like

banners, emails and social media posts to get the word out that you endorse and recommend

these products/services.

You do not need to Pay to be an affiliate for most worthwhile programs. I would caution against

signing up to any programs that require you to pay or even have a monthly payment requirement.

It is not necessary because there are so many great affiliate programs that are free to sign up to.



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