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Email Marketing Service-Autoresponder

When comparing services you will need to keep in mind what functions and features you will need for your business.

My personal choice but there are reasons why I use them. As an online marketer they serve my needs the best

with features like:

  • Unlimited web forms
  • Multi-function lists for marketing
  • Automation features automatically remove someone from one list when they join another-i.e. Freebie seeker list to buyers list
  • Cool Newsletter templates that are easy to edit
  • Broadcast and follow up email scheduling automation-Pre-load with messages for a year! Pick and choose which lists get what messages and when.

*Note: Aweber does not allow you to manually enter contacts into their system. If you are an offline (brick and mortor) business then you may need a different tool.


  • Enter your contacts manually
    • Create multiple sign up forms

    *Note: Newsletter templates are html and can present some difficulties when editing them.


    Constant Contact

    • Many offline businesses choose this email marketing system because they hear their advertisements a lot.
    • Only allows one sign up form (So if you would like to have a newsletter sign up form in one place like your website and a free gift sign up form on your Facebook page it doesn’t work)
    • If you do get the form created for the free gift sign up, your leads will end up having to put in their contact information twice. Not a good system as it is hard enough to get lead to enter their information once!

    *Note: Newsletters are easy to use but the limitations far out-way this feature!




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