I promised to get this posted today and I did! All the best to everyone in the challenge!

Well, it’s a bit embarrassing that here I was committing to staying focused on the challenge and really rising to the challenge

and didn’t I end up getting pulled in another direction again!!! So, I apologize for not participating as much

as I promised.

Here’s the thing, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that has faced this, when you have a bird in the hand

(a way that you are making money NOW) you HAVE to do it in order to keep afloat until you get this internet

marketing system going. Darn if that doesn’t happen every single time I commit to it!


There has to be a happy medium but when the sure thing gets thrown at you with deadlines and you know you are

going to make money TODAY, you can’t always pass it up to build your foundation for making money for all of your tomorrows.

This seems to happen every time!

Ok so here I go again, this week is the last week of QSC tasks and I’m going to finish them if it kills me! (and it just might if I have to work around the clock. lol)

This week’s tasks:

1) new blog post about the challenge and my experience being a part of it.

Response: Well, I am so pleased to tell you that my blog has been getting REAL traffic since I started the challenge! Even when I haven’t had time to participate as much as I intended, everyone has been so wonderful and I’ve had a lot of visitors to my blog. I so appreciate that and I hope that all those who are looking for some answers have reviewed some of my free training and how to videos. This stuff definitely works and it’s really great to have a community of folks working on the same things with different skills and experiences helping each other. Dean has done a spectacular job putting this together (I would expect nothing less of this talented young man)! I’m old enough to be his mom (or mum as they say across the pond) but I’m not TOO OLD to learn some things from him. What he has done (and is about to do) with this amazing challenge is just extraordinary!


2) Testimonial video on Youtube-I am committing to do this tomorrow! You have my permission to “Tar and feather” me if I do not have this accomplished by the end of the day tomorrow!

3)Join QSC Facebook Group. I will also do this as soon as I find it. lolĀ  Request sent.

Stay tuned and come back to either praise me for doing what I promised or kicking me in the butt for slipping!

I will welcome either one but hopefully it will be all praises!



  1. Sorina Dascalu says:

    Sally, I have the same problem – deadlines, deadlines, paid work to do.

    And in meantime I was receiving interesting comments on my blog and had no time to answer them properly… the community formed around Dean’s challenge is awesome!
    Too bad I didn’t take advantage of it at the maximum, but I hope some of us will stay connected!

    PS: I will come back and visit your blog tomorrow to see if you did the testimonial!

  2. sallycevasco says:

    Thanks Sorina,

    It helps to know you will be checking on me later. Now I HAVE to get it done today!!!

    See you soon.

  3. sallycevasco says:

    Thanks James. Yes fresh content.
    I think I need to schedule it so it gets done consistently!


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