Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge!
Wow, the time went by so fast. Four weeks training and now we are at the end.





Or are we?




I believe it is actually the beginning of something pretty special! Dean Holland along with Craig Richards
really gave a lot of folks a great start for getting their internet businesses off the ground.

And for those that already started a blog, like myself, it actually gave us motivation, and for some a restart!

I’m so impressed with all the members of the challenge and how much everyone is right there to help each other.

It was really motivating to know that someone is paying attention to your progress and fun to see others step out of their comfort zone and do things like
make their first videos!

And a really cool thing happened, anytime someone raised their hand or a question, not one but MANY stepped up to help and throw them a lifeline! Just awesome.





There is such a great sense of accomplishment in this community Dean built and it is so rewarding to be a part of the growth everyone is experiencing with
his training.

I’m very excited about what is coming next since Dean’s announcement at our last webinar!!!!

I know that this is going to be really AWESOME for everyone.

So, stick around and/or join us and let’s really rock this thing around the world!

  1. Chetz Togom says:

    Hi Sally,

    It’s really nice to see people’s progress and moving forward in their online journey.

    For me, Dean’s course is the best IM course that I’ve ever gotten based on how much progress I made since I started the challenge.

    And this says a lot since I’ve been in the IM world for more than 7 years but nothing really great happened before this.

    And I think the best part of this challenge for those who already know somethings about the Internet world is the community that is built by QSC.

    I mean we have AWESOME people here in the community!

    I’m really grateful for Dean because if not, I wouldn’t have meet cool people like you.

    All the best Sally!


  2. sallycevasco says:

    Hi Chetz,

    Thanks for coming by and leaving this great post! I totally agree with you that community is awesome.

    I didn’t get a chance to read your ebook yesterday due to other projects with impending deadlines but
    I’m going to take a break first thing this morning and print it and read it through. Then I’ll be back
    to your blog to leave a comment about it. :-)


  3. nergis says:

    Hi Sally, I know what you mean, most of us have been motivated by Dean and Craig to get up and take action on the training. Wish you luck for beyond QSC and hope to be in touch again soon. Cheers! Nergis

  4. sallycevasco says:

    Thanks Nergis,

    Really appreciate it.

    I look forward to staying in touch with everyone.


  5. Linda says:

    Yes, Sally, let’s hope as we end Dean’s QSC that this is just the beginning for us all as we move forward…and motivate and help one another keep our dreams alive!

  6. sallycevasco says:


    If we all keep chatting it up and helping each other we should be able to keep the momentum!

    All the best!

  7. sallycevasco says:

    Thanks Nergis,

    Same to you. Please do keep in touch and let’s rock this thing!


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