Where should you go to get “royalty free” images for your site?

Well, here is a super long list of resources but please be careful and do you own research because “royalty free” doesn’t mean they are “free” it just means you can use them without being in danger of infringing on someone’s copyright.

Here’s a funny story about images that one of my partner’s web designer purchased a few years ago. When I started working with him he had already hired someone in another country to put up his website. A couple of years later, after I had moved the site to my hosting, etc. he received a large invoice in the mail from one of the photo stock sites online saying his site was infringing on copyright and using the photos without paying for them. Of course he freaked out a bit when he received an invoice for over $2k in the mail for something he had no clue about.

I contacted the web designer and he produced the receipt for the purchase of said photos on the site. Then he proceeded to explain that some of the stock photo sites have people searching the web to see if they can find any of the photos that they sell (even though most of the photos for sale can be found on more than one of these sites for sale) and they arbitrarily send out these threatening letters with an invoice and just hope that it scares people into paying!!

So, beware if you receive anything in the mail like this.

Having said that it is very important to make sure your images are indeed free of any potential legal hassles.

Click Here to download pdf of list: Imagesitelist

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