Marketing your business is THE most critical part of not just surviving

but thriving especially in this tough economy! The Social and Mobile Marketing Revolution is HERE!

But why is it that every time I do a networking event or give a marketing workshop so many small business owners do not have a marketing plan or even a budget for one? 

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It is really scary how many businesses are surviving just by the skin of their teeth (if teeth have skin. I don’t know where that saying came from).

  • Not to mention how many business owners I meet that have NO online presence! I mean ZERO! Not even a website!
  • Not to mention how many businesses that have NO mobile presence! ZERO!
  • Not to mention how many businesses that have NO Facebook presence! ZERO!

Like or not social media is here to stay! Facebook is the 800 million pound guerrilla! And it’s here to stay folks. Not only that it is going mobile too.

So if your business hasn’t started building a presence and a following online and with mobile by now then it is in serious jeopardy of losing out completely!

Gone are the days that you could put an ad in the yellow pages and wait for the calls. So few of your clients/customers ever even open those yellow dinosaurs anymore.

Your business not only needs a presence online but a MOBILE presence now too! If you don’t have a great mobile friendly website the search engines will provide the user with your competition who does!

We were so impressed with the results when we first implemented our mobile marketing strategies. One of the first businesses we built a mobile site for had almost 30 people that signed up via a mobile search to the marketing funnel we created inside their mobile site before we even put it out there with any marketing or print material!!!

That is proof positive that mobile searches are happening in huge numbers and that the search engines will provide users with a great user experience by providing them with mobile friendly results!

Well, I have some Good News and some Bad News:

Good News: The internet has forever changed marketing as we know it! The power of the internet makes reaching our target audience much more affordable and achievable.

Bad News: There’s a learning curve and it still takes time to implement (or you can outsource it and it will cost money, but not as much as media buys, etc.)

Most people I talk to about this mobile and social marketing revolution just don’t know where and how to begin!

“Start where you are standing” is what I tell everyone. Don’t try to do everything all at once right out of the gate. Pick one or two things, master them and move on to the next one.

It is overwhelming to get our arms wrapped around all the new technology, internet and tools available. And, guess what? It changes every day so it’s a moving target.

If you don’t have a website yet you can get a free training course here. It will walk you through step by step how I set up high ranking websites that get traffic and it’s FREE to join the challenge.

Watch for my future posts where I will let you in on my secret ninja tricks and tools to help you with your online presence!




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