When following directions from the setup guide be sure to follow them exactly! One small change can result in something not working and can cause a lot of wasted time and create much frustration while trying to figure it out! Ask me how I know.

When I was uploading the free setup guide in order to give it away on my squeeze page I couldn’t seem to get it to work. I tried over and over until finally I realized that I had renamed it prior to uploading it. Once I went back, started over and followed exact directions and uploaded it first then renamed it Viola! It worked.

The next thing I had trouble with was getting the image to appear on the blog. I finally figured that one out first thing this morning after much trial and error. After careful examination I realized that the quotes changed when I did the copy and paste. They were different after pasting them. The image appeared as soon as I went into the widget and replaced them with exactly what should have copied over. Viola again!

One last thing that stumped me was getting the web form to appear on the squeeze page. I was following the directions exactly at this point, see above, (learned my lesson there) but still could not get the “paste” option to appear when I right clicked on the mouse. I still don’t know why that happened but I managed to do a “work around” and just hit ctrl C in Aweber on the Html code then ctrl V in my wordpress admin edit html on the squeeze page,  instead and that worked. Another Viola!

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