Finally after working on getting this blog up for over a year, here it is!  Very exciting.  I may be the only one that struggled with this and maybe everyone else knows about this, I don’t know but when I first started my “old” blog I had followed directions to sign up for a free one on Then transfered it to my hosting company later. Well, I didn’t realize that if you have one of those free blogs from it does not allow you to do much with it. You must install it from your cpanel on your hostgator (or from whatever hosting company you use) using the fantastico button. Then you will be able to install plugins, analytics and themes, etc.  The other thing that I didn’t realize was that in order to remove the old blog (you can’t install a new one until you do) you will probably also have to delete some remaining files in your directories too once you click remove from your wp-admin area. I ended up getting some great help from a nice guy at Hostgator who walked me through deleting the right files. (I didn’t want to delete anyting important and wasn’t sure which files had to go).

Maybe this might help someone else that is new to this? Hope so.

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